Ross F. Baldwin Elementary

Summer Information from Principal Murray

Hello Baldwin Parents,

I hope you are already enjoying the summer break – we have definitely had the hot weather!  As we close another school year, I wanted to share information for the upcoming school year.

If you have not already shared proof of residency with the office, please be sure to do that as soon as possible.  You are welcome to drop it off at school, however emailing a rental contract or utility bill with valid address to Alicia Cruz would be best.  Her email is  Proof is mandatory for EVERY child entering Baldwin ES in the fall of 2018 as we are now officially a frozen campus to transfers. 

The district is implementing a new updated Raptor system (for all visitors) for the upcoming school year. This means that every person entering the building must bring a photo ID the first time you come to Baldwin in August.  Your ID will need to be scanned to rebuild our database with your information.  Your information is not shared with any outside agency.  Kiosks and outward facing machines will no longer be allowed to increase security.  All visitors, volunteers, and students being checked in and out will use this system (this system allows us to track tardies as well as the whereabouts of all students). Thank you in advance for your understanding and support as we are improving the school safety protocols. 

As a reminder, the school hours have changed for next year.  Our school day is now 7:40 am – 3:00pm.  We will still send kids to their classroom at 7:35 am each day and our doors will open at 7:15am each day for drop off and kids will continue to be monitored in the cafeteria for grades PK-2 and upstairs for grades 3-5. Breakfast will still be available beginning at 7:15.

Based on input from CAC, CATCH committee and faculty we are adjusting our celebrations of birthdays next year. Birthdays will still be acknowledged in the classroom, but as a staff we are asking parents to celebrate with nonfood items.  With this policy, instructional time will continue to be utilized effectively as well as ensuring that all students can participate and remain safe.  We are appreciate your support as we implement these changes.

Please be sure to check out website throughout the summer for updates and information at  Enjoy your summer!


Jennifer Murray