Ross F. Baldwin Elementary

Gifted and Talented

Baldwin’s GATE Program

At Baldwin, we believe in differentiating our curriculum to meet individual student needs. Teachers are trained in the nature and needs of gifted learners and continue to receive continuing education in differentiation techniques and best practices.

Following our district’s recommendations, Baldwin will identify students in grades 3-5 during the fall semester, and students in grades K-2 in the spring. The GATE screening process includes several steps: nomination, screening, and selection. Information considered in the decision includes parent, teacher and student input, a portfolio of student work on common assessment tasks, and the CoGAT, a standardized assessment administered at school.Qualitative and quantitative Input and data from parents, teachers and the student are considered by the committee in determining student identification in the GATE program. Additional information with deadlines, etc. will be sent in the Principal’s messenger and in the ROAR.

Students will be formally identified to participate in one or more of the interdisciplinary programs through the GATE screening process. Elementary-level students will be screened for both programs. GT STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) for students identified gifted in math and/or science and GT Humanities for students identified gifted in language arts and/or social studies.

Talent Exploration (TE) STEM and Talent Exploration (TE) Humanities supports high-ability students who do not qualify for GT services. Activities target gifted and talented students but are available to high-ability students. These students are identified through the GATE screening process.

More information about the AISD GATE program is available from the Department of Advanced Academic Services website. Please go to

If you are interested in nominating your child for the GATE program, please print and complete the attached Parent Gifted Characteristics Checklist which includes permission to test to your child’s teacher or the front office by the deadline. No late nominations will be accepted due to the tight deadline for requesting the CogAT online assessments. After the GT identification process is completed, parents will receive a letter from the school, through the U.S. mail, informing you of the GATE selection committee’s decision.

Thank you for your interest and support of the GATE program at Baldwin!

Below is the calendar of deadlines for the 2018-2019 school year:


FALL 2018

Nominations for Grades 3-5 only  

September 10th-September 28th

Gathering Work Samples/Teacher Input

October 1st -November 2nd

Student Testing Window

October 15th –November 2nd

Committee Decisions

November 5th- November 16th

Parent Letters Mailed

December 10th

Services begin for newly identified students on the first day of the second semester, Jan 7th

Please hold all nomination forms for K-2 until the spring nomination window.



Nominations for K-2 Only

January 21st-February 8th

Gathering Work Samples/Teacher Input

February 11th-March 15th

Student Testing Window

February 25th –March 29th

Committee Decisions

April 1st- April 19th

Parent Letters Mailed

April 29th

Services begin for newly identified students in the Fall of 2019.

Checklist for Parents