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Check your Engine! 

This month we are focusing on the SEL competency of self regulation. Self regulation refers to the ability to focus your attention, control your emotions, and manage thinking, behavior, and feelings. Self regulation is difficult for children, but as they are directly taught how to identify their needs they are empowered to take control of their learning and feelings.

The first step to self regulation is a student identifying what mental state they are currently in. At Baldwin we use a car engine as a symbol for our brain. Sometimes our engine is running too quickly! A student’s brain is on red when they are over excited and can’t focus. Sometimes our engine runs too slow. When a student’s brain is on blue they feel lethargic and lack the energy needed to focus. When our engine is on green we are able to concentrate and work to the best of our ability.

Strategies to help self regulation vary according to whether or not a student is on blue or red. Helping a student identify how they are feeling helps them advocate for what they need to be successful at school. This skill will help them in all areas of their life as they grow and develop!

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