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Hello Baldwin Families,  
We hope your students have enjoyed the first two weeks of school as we begin our exciting journey for this school year. It is so refreshing to see how our new students are embracing the experience of our great school and how our returning students have grown and matured so much during the summer. 
We have so many great things going on in Baldwin. As counselors, we will be meeting with the students in the classrooms monthly and also remind them about the importance of keeping a positive growth mindset. As we continue to share growth mindset strategies throughout the school year, we would like to share some information with parents as well.
Peace Path - When students have a disagreement about something, for example during recess - if they cannot agree on a game to play and the conversations lead into some sad or angry feelings. The teachers guide the student by asking them: 
1. Start, Stop, Think --- Take a deep breath 
2. Each student takes turns saying I feel...., I want.... And are asked to listen to each other 3. Each take turns brainstorming ideas of things they can do that they both can agree with, 1 idea at a time 
4. When they come to an agreement, they shake hands/ high five; if they still do not agree, they continue to brainstorm ideas and are encouraged to find a win win solution. 
In addition to this, we would like to share a link -  Mindfulness for families. This was provided by our SEL Mindfulness Specialist James Butler. We hope you find this helpful.  
As counselors, we will do our best to help and support students and families. Please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns or questions.


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