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Helping Children Cope with Hurricane Harvey

Natural disasters can be especially traumatic for children and youth. Often an entire community is impacted, further undermining a child’s sense of security and normalcy. Children look to the significant adults in their lives for guidance on how to manage their reactions after the immediate threat is over. Parents, teachers, and other caregivers can help children and youth cope in the aftermath of a natural disaster by remaining calm and reassuring children that they will be all right. Sometimes connecting through reading can help a student process an event. A Terrible Thing Happened by Margaret Holmes is a K-5 appropriate story about rebounding from a crisis.

Suggestions for helping your child cope:

 • Try and keep routines as normal as possible. Kids gain security from the predictability of routine, including attending school.
• Limit exposure to television and the news.
• Be honest with kids and share with them as much information as they are developmentally able to handle.
• Listen to kids’ fears and concerns.
• Parents and adults need to first deal with and assess their own responses to crisis and stress.
• Rebuild and reaffirm attachments and relationships.

Looking for a way to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey? Baldwin will be collecting school supplies in backpacks for a school in the Houston area that one of our students has a connection to. Keep an eye out for upcoming information and if you would like to assist in coordinating the supply drive please contact Lindsay Myrick at

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