Ross F. Baldwin Elementary


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Parents & Families - Our major fundraiser with #ApexLeadershipCo kicks off on Tuesday, Mar. 2! We’re going ??????? so ALL students on campus and at home can take part. We’re so excited!

Apex is a local company that provides a fun 2-week program where students will learn about important leadership habits and good character traits. Then the program wraps up with a celebratory, high energy ????? ???????/????? ?????. It’s going to be a LOT of FUN! Families are asked to help our school by gathering pledges from family and friends for every Fitness Move their student completes at the REMIX Fitness event on Friday, Mar. 12!

The funds we’re raising from this event will go towards ? Staffing & Classroom Printers ?.

We understand that some of our families may not be able to donate, and that’s OK! All students are included in the program regardless of financial participation in the fundraiser. If you can help, please know that no donation is too small. We’ll share more info about the Apex program and ways to support our school over the coming weeks.

#ApexMIGHTY #BuildingLeaders @apexleadershipcompany