Ross F. Baldwin Elementary

Gifted and Talented

Dear Baldwin Families,

     We are now beginning the identification process for the GATE Program (formerly labeled GT). The process includes both qualitative and quantitative components collected for each child and several steps: nomination, screening, and selection. Information considered in the decision includes parent and teacher input, a portfolio of student work, and standardized assessments. This year the nomination window is in the fall only for grades K-5. (In years prior, some grade levels were in the fall and some were in the spring.)

     To nominate your child to be considered for identification for the GATE Program, please complete the google form below. This form serves as both a checklist for parent input as well as permission to test and identify your child. Submitting this form to the school is the formal nomination for your child to be considered for the GATE program. Please be sure to complete the google form and submit it no later than October 13th. Late nominations will not be accepted because of the deadlines for submitting district information and administering assessments.

     Thank you for your interest in the GATE Program. Please remember that thorough review of all your students’ talents requires time. We thank you in advance for your patience with this process.


Tammy Thompson, Assistant Principal

Jamie Boswell, GT Advocate


Please click here for the GATE Calendar 2020/2021


For more information about the Austin ISD gifted program, please visit the Austin ISD website at or call the school.


GATE Nomination Dates

Nomination Window                                           September 28th-October 13th

Parent Permission to Test                                   Due no later than October 13th

Gathering Work Samples/Teacher Input              October 14th -November 13th

Student Testing Window                                     October 14th -November 13th

Committee Decisions                                          November 14th- November 20th

Parent Letters Mailed                                           November 30th-December 16th