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Welcome to the Baldwin Math Pentathlon Club!

We are Bobcats and we are proud! ROAR!

MP Registration 2018-2019

Division I   - Game Rules

Division II  - Game Rules

Division III - Game Rules

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Math Pentathlon is a cooperative, volunteer based club where kids engage in interactive math games that help develop problem solving skills along with math fluency, spatial concepts, computational concepts, and logical reasoning. Your child will learn to compete and build confidence alongside their peers in a fun environment while also reinforcing good sportsmanship.

Adult participation in weekly meetings is absolutely crucial to the success and formation of the program.  Participation is easy!  Training is available and coaches lead all the meetings.  We need parents or other involved adults (think grandparents, college students, aunts, uncles, etc.)  to help monitor games and to assist the kids in learning to reach their potential! There will be a free, onsite babysitting co-op to help take care of younger siblings to allow more volunteers at meetings, if enough people are interested.  Your volunteer participation at meetings or at the babysitting co-op is crucial and rewarded with priority team placement based on the number of meetings you can attend.

Training in all Division games will be provided at no cost and highly encouraged for all volunteers to attend to be the most effective at meetings and to allow the best  support for your child’s individual success!  Exact training times have not been set but are targeted to take place in mid September.  

Teams and Meetings:

  • There are 3 divisions based on grade level: K-1 comprise Division I, 2nd-3rd comprise Division II, and 4th-5th comprise Division III.  

  • Teams of up to 20 kids (16 for kinder) are formed by grade level and will meet for 10 weeks in the fall and 8-12 meetings in the spring and learn 5 games.  There is an optional (but highly recommended) Spring Tournament.  

  • Team meeting dates are listed on the registration form.  We will not meet the week of the school carnival nor the week of the school book fair.

  • Meetings start at 3:00pm with a club provided snack to allow kids to transition from the school day to MP.  Coaches will lead the kids in game instruction, strategy, and game play. Meetings last one  hour, with a prompt pick up at 4:00pm.  

  • Teams will meet once a week, typically on Tuesday or Friday, depending on the coaches’ availability.  

  • There is a 3 strikes policy used for behavior management: MP 3 Strikes Policy


  • Registration fee is due in the fall (see Registration Link for more details)

  • The registration fee is non-refundable and includes one team t-shirt for your child and one team t-shirt for the adult volunteer and weekly snacks at practice.

  • Make checks payable to Baldwin Elementary and mail to 9600 Escarpment Blvd, Suite 745, PMB 256, Austin , TX 78749.  

  • Registration is not complete until your check is received.

  • Please write your child’s name and grade on your check and payments can be combined for families with more than one Pentathlete.

Team Placement and Priority:

Teams will be formed and filled in the following order to ensure we have enough volunteers at all meetings.  Space is limited and based on the number of coaches and volunteers that sign up. Please consider volunteering at as many weekly meetings as possible.  It not only helps your child’s team, but allows you to learn the games in order to practice with your child to improve their play.

  1. Lead Coach - will attend and lead all meetings for the school year **no fee for your first child

  2. VIP Volunteers - will attend all meetings for the school year and act as lead in gathering kids after class and administering snack, will also assist coach at meetings **no fee for your first child

  3. Super Volunteer - will either monitor games with kids at least 5 meetings per semester, assist the babysitting co-op at least 5 meetings per semester or a combination of both

  4. Team Coordinator or MP Committee Members - for the school year will assist club as either a Team Email Coordinator, Team Snack Coordinator, or Team Library Coordinator or many of the various MP Committee leads.

  5. Limited Volunteer - will monitor games or babysit at 4 or less meetings per semester

  6. Non-Volunteer - cannot volunteer at meetings

**Limited Volunteers will be placed on teams based on the number of weeks you are able to volunteer.  The more weeks you can volunteer, the higher priority you are in team placement.  Non-volunteers will be placed on teams if there are enough volunteers to staff the team.

A wait list will be formed after teams are filled to capacity and filled on a first come, first serve basis until an additional coach and supporting volunteer positions can be secured, if possible.  If your child is on the wait list, your check will be returned until a spot is secured.  

If your child is placed on the team, the fee is non-refundable.

Registration Process and Dates:

To register, fill out the online Registration Form and mail your non-refundable check for the fees prescribed above.  Registration dates are as follows:

  1. Last day of school -  Priority registration closed for returning members.  Registration will possibly re-open in August if there are still slots available.

  2. First club meeting - Must have registration check mailed by this date.  Registration is not considered complete until your check is received.

  3. All students notified of team placement or wait list via email.

 **Financial scholarships are available, if you would like to apply please email

Thank you for your interest in Math Pentathlon!  If you have any questions, please email