Ross F. Baldwin Elementary

Drop Off/Pick Up Procedure

Morning Drop-off Procedures

Students in PK – 2 will enter through the gym and either eat breakfast or move to their designated area.  We ask that upon entering the gym, you say good bye and wish your child a great day.  If your child needs assistance he/she can be escorted to their class by a staff member.  Classes will be picked up by his/her teacher at 7:35 am.  We ask that parents not escort their students to class so the teachers and students can begin their day.  

Students in 3rd-5th will enter the building and either eat breakfast or move directly upstairs.  Students will be supervised outside the classroom door until 7:35 am at which time their teacher will open the classroom door and greet students.  We ask that parents not escort their students up to their class.

** On the first day of school, beginning at 7:15 am, students will report directly to their classrooms.  If a student needs to eat breakfast, please have him/her report directly to the cafeteria. **

If you are dropping off your student at the front doors, we ask that you stay in your car and pull up to the front cone, allowing space between cars for the crosswalk.  This allows as many students as possible to exit their cars safely.  It is extremely dangerous when adults get out of their car to assist their child.  Staff will be there to assist your child. As a reminder, it is also illegal to use cell phones in a school zone.  

Afternoon Pick-up Procedures

For the safety of our students we have somewhat modified the dismissal procedures.  Please be sure to read through these so that there is no confusion and you know where to meet your child.  We have purchased color coded tags for EVERY student that will be attached to their backpack.  This allows us to easily identify where children should be after school.  Teachers will attach these on the first day of school.  If your student goes home two different ways, they will have two colors on them.  The color system is as follows:  

Blue – Car Riders

Yellow – Bus Riders (School and Daycare)

Red – Baldwin Crew

Green – Parent Walkers

Orange – Independent Walkers

It will be EXTREMELY important to keep these tags on backpacks to help us with this dismissal process.  In addition, there have been a few changes in where walkers will be released.  

  1. CAR RIDERS: If you are driving to pick up your student, you will need to have a tag on your dashboard that is visible to staff.  This will be supplied to you at Meet the Teacher.  Students will wait at their designated area until they are called.  Please be sure to pull all the way to the front even if you see your child so that traffic will flow smoothly.

  2. BUSES: School and Daycare buses will continue to pick up in the back of the school.  THE BACK PARKING LOT WILL BE CLOSED FOR DISMISSAL.

  3. BALDWIN CREW: Baldwin Crew is a service that is provided for schools needing after school care.  More information can be found on our website or on the spinner located in the foyer. Teachers will walk those students to the cafeteria after school.

  4. PARENT WALKERS: Parents can walk to the school and MEET their student in the gym (required for grades PK-2 unless they are walking with an older sibling).  ALL students PK-5 who are meeting a parent on campus will go to the gym.

  5. ALL STUDENTS who are independent walkers exit through the yellow hallway (1st grade).  Students will then follow the sidewalk to cross Espina or Meridian.  PLEASE note that parents are NOT to meet students at this location.  If you would like to meet your student, please go to the gym.  

We are also asking parents to make all changes in transportation requests by 2pm. The only transportation requests that will be honored after this time will be extreme emergencies. We are implementing this process to avoid confusion for students and staff so that everyone can get home safely. Please plan accordingly.


For the safety of your child, we ask that you do not drop-off or pick up students from the portables.  If a child is late or needs to be picked up early, please go directly to the office and follow the check in or out procedures.

Late Arrival

If your child arrives to school after 7:40am, please check-in at the office and sign the late arrival sheet.

Early Dismissal

When necessary to check your child out of school prior to 3:05pm, please sign the student out in the office. Office personnel will call the classroom and have the student sent to meet you in the office. Please be prepared to show your identification in the office. Teachers will not dismiss students without a call from the office. Students must remain in the classroom until they are checked out in the office.


There are minimal visitor parking spaces available in front of the school. Please do not park in the front or back staff parking lot. Our staff parking lot fills up quickly and some staff will be coming and going throughout the day. Please park only in designated spaces or on the street, not along the fire lane. Cars parked in fire lanes or no parking areas are subject to ticketing and towing.

Students who Walk to school

Students should cross streets only in marked crosswalks. Please DO NOT let your child cross between cars.

Cell Phone Use Prohibited

It is against the law to talk on a cell phone in a school zone. It poses an extremely dangerous and unsafe situation when driving around the children.


For the safety of all our student and staff please keep your furry friends at home during drop-off and dismissal.


All visitors who wish to enter our building must do so through our front entrance.  Visitors need to ring the bell, identify themselves, inform office staff of the reason for their visit, and then be “buzzed in”.  Visitors are required to report directly to the front office, bring in a form of identification and sign-in at the office.  You will go through a normal security check and obtain a badge with your name and destination in the building. This identifies you and keeps students safe. Parents, teachers and students have been trained to ask you to go sign in if they do not see that you have a sticker and will not open any doors to visitors without it.  

Bus-Riding Families

AISD offers WheresTheBus app to provide you with timely information about the location of your child's bus, including when it will arrive at your stop. The WheresTheBus app is free to AISD families whose children ride the bus. The app is available on any device with Internet access (smartphone, tablet, personal computer, iPod) and takes less than five minutes to install.

Wheres the Bus app installation instructions (English)

Wheres the Bus app installation instructions (Spanish)