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AISD is a District of Innovation which has added four additional days of professional development for our staff, to allow our teachers to collaborate on lessons, analyze data, and engage in professional learning in order to better serve our students. On these days students will not be in attendance at school. 

Due to this change Baldwin Elementary's days off can be slightly different than other neighboring schools and other Middle schools and High schools. Please use the Bowie Vertical 2019-2020 Calendar when planning.

Where's the Bus?

AISD offers the WheresTheBus app to provide you with timely information about the location of your child's bus, including when it will arrive at your stop. The WheresTheBus app is free to AISD families whose children ride the bus. The app is available on any device with Internet access (smartphone, tablet, personal computer, iPod) and takes less than five minutes to install. 
For bus transportation questions, call 512-414-6500.