Name Email Title
Jennifer Murray Principal, Campus Behavior Coordinator (CBC)
Alexandra Hassett Assistant Principal, Campus Behavior Coordinator (CBC)
Amber Reue Assistant Principal, Campus Behavior Coordinator (CBC)

Office Staff 

Name Email Title
Alicia Cruz
My Favorites Registrar
Alma Arriaga
My Favorites Secretary/Bookkeeper
Angie Vega
My Favorites Attendance Specialist
Office Number: 512-841-8900 The Front Office is open from 7:30am - 4:00pm daily. If you are meeting a teacher after those hours, please make arrangements with them prior to the meeting.


Pre - Kindergarten Email
If you need to contact your teacher please call the office at 512-841-8900.
Ellen Greenwood
Gretchen Magana
Thania Rebollar Vergara - Pre-K TA  
Allison Fischer - Pre-K TA  
ECSE Email
Miranda Hale
Ivonne Moreno - ECSE TA  
Kindergarten Email
Megan Fulmer
Savannah Caffey
Erin Hash
Kyra Tegeler
First Grade Email
Alyssa Beck
Tayiah Benton
Ashley Elkins
Rebekah Kelly
Second Grade Email
Kristin Fanelli
Barbara Dickie
Lauren Ledesma
Alissa Morrison
Abigail Schlichter
Third Grade Email
Laura Hall
Kelley Henderson
Korteney Luthman
Mireya Perkins
Shaun Reid
Fourth Grade Email
Kalei Groshek
Samantha Hull
Katie Kelley
Jennifer Maldonado
Amy Spencer
Fifth Grade Email
Katie Hagan
Lauren Linahan
Melissa Marsh 
Emily Miranda
Kylie Schantz
Special Areas
Mary Sterneman
Gabriella Moore
Crystal Rabe
Elizabeth Donovan
Suzanne Cooley
Eric Perkins
Nicole Griesman  
Melanie Zabludowski  
Kelley Hively My Favorites 
Stephanie Durbin My Favorites
Special Education & Support Staff
Caroleena Ramirez
Kayla Willey-Dominguez
Karen Moreno
Gracie Pena
Lindsey Hammond
Sylvia Wesley  
Support Staff - Interventionist
Eileen Brady
Erin Vasquez
Julie Novack-Kiehl
Yolanda Nuñez
Erenia Chavez My Favorites
Florentina Solis My Favorites  
Nora Gonzalez My Favorites  
Isabel Rios My Favorites  

Suchya Tabor

My Favorites
Maria Elena Garcia  
Avery McKenna  
Trisha Krogstad
My Favorites
Cheryl Villarreal-Clinical Assistant
My Favorites
Kaitlyn Pruet
Heather Chapman